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Jiang Ming went into the Supreme Pagoda, and sat in front of Ye Qingxian.

He made himself at home by taking up the teapot to pour himself a cup of tea.

Then, he picked it up and took a sip.

“Living without worries, reading and drinking tea when not cultivating, is a good life too, isnt it” Jiang Ming grinned.

Ye Qingxian was annoyed and rolled her eyes.

“What about you try it yourself”

“Most of my time I spend staying on the mountain.

And Im never bored.

Hows it, and thoughts” Jiang Ming beammed.

“Thoughts” Ye Qingxian started, and slightly upset, she said, “Are you prepared to help me solve my problem over there”

“Its to be solved eventually!” Jiang Ming nodded.

“Shall I kill all the Saints, or shall I force them to be your guardians”

“Kill even the Saints.

Else, I wont be able to survive if I were to return.” Ye Qingxian said helplessly, “I have a weaker cultivation base but you cant kill all experts above the Taiyi Realm, can you”

“In that case, Ill threaten the Saints and the Heavenly Emperor to be your guardians, and Ill deduce again to identify only those experts who have karmic relationship with me in the previous battle to kill them all.

Then, Ill leave you a defensive special ability, which would give you enough time to resist and enter here even if a Saint Expert was to attack you.

What do you think”

“Is that so” Ye Qingxian teased her long hair in front of her ears, emitting a refreshing and light fragrance.

“Well, I will only look around at most to broaden my horizon.

Most of my time in the future, Ill be here anyway.”

“Actually there is another way we can take.

I can send you to another world.” Jiang Ming said after some hesitation.

He could see that Ye Qingxian wasnt that excited, and it was understandable after a slight thought.

Even if he could threaten the Saints so that they became Ye Qingxians guardian, he couldnt stop them from slandering.

After all, he had overthrown the entire Heaven Court previously.

And the members of the Heaven Court were from various factions, hence the implications were too great.

If Ye Qingxian was to return, even if she had the help of the Saint, for sure many experts would put their hands on her furtively.

“Can I” Ye Qingxians eyes were lit up.

“Of course!” Jiang Ming nodded.

“The world of Luo Heng was the great era of the galaxy.

Its starry sky is vast with abundant resources, experts, and races.

Hence, theres no other place to broaden your horizon.”

“Alas, the great era of the galaxy is indeed tempting.

But I dont want to go.”

“What about Chenxis place Ive killed all the Saints and Quasi-Sage Experts.

Her father is currently rebuilding the Heaven Court, hence everything is restarting.

Its safe and the cultivation environment is good enough!”

“I dont feel like going there either!” Ye Qingxians voice got lower.

“Tell me then, where do you want to go!”

“Can I go to your world” Ye Qingxian looked at Jiang Ming.

Her eyes were glittering with hope.

“No!” Jiang Ming shook his head decisively.

“Im afraid that it wont take me long to go towards the Sea of Chaos there.”

‘In fact, my heart is aching.

Alas, with the ten Junior Sisters of mine there, itd be very troublesome if she was to go there.

With the temperament of his Junior Sister, she might not care but she would certainly toss him hard on the Dragon Phoenix Heavenly Heart Bed.

Hence, Jiang Ming couldnt afford to take the risk.

“In that case, Ill go to Chenxi there!” Ye Qingxian rose to her feet.

Her left hand was placed behind her back, while her right was holding a scroll.

A wave of fluctuations flashed in her eyes, as if a sword light flashed, making her eyes brighter.

“Thank you brother Jiang for helping me to cut off the silk of love that has been growing within me!” With a smile, she clasped her hands at Jiang Ming.

“My ambition is on the great Dao.

Even though there are many fellow Daoists here, I have been stuck here too long.

Hence, it is inevitable that I will be troubled.

Moreover, you are so brilliant that you can kill Supreme Experts and even the Dao Patriarch.

Hence, Im somewhat attracted to you.

Anyway, its fortunate that you rejected me directly.

I have cut off the silk of love with the Heart Sword.

And from now onwards, Id only have fellow Daoists, the great Dao, and nothing else.”

“I want to tell you that Ive regretted it.” Jiang Ming smiled helplessly.

“Too late!” Ye Qingxian couldnt help but guffaw, with hints of boldness.

“Well, lets climb up to the peak of Dao together!”

After chatting for a while, Jiang Ming returned to the Chuyang Peak.

Ye Qingxian too, had returned to the Tianchang Great Chiliocosm.

She planned to take a look at her world for the last time.

Jiang Ming projected himself to Ye Qingxians world.

In the Heavenly Realm.

The land was vast, and the heaven was high.

The ground beneath their feet was lifeless because of the previous catastrophe not long ago.

Nevertheless, many cultivators were going back and forth, in search of encounters buried underground.

“What do you feel” Jiang Ming asked.

“With the great strength of heaven and earth, all things are fragile.” Ye Qingxian was moved.

“Are we chasing after the great Dao, or were manipulated by power, becoming the slave of power”

Jiang Ming felt rather shocked.

Cultivators seemed to be improving their cultivation base for the sake of obtaining an everlasting life.

But it all came down to a continuous gaining of power, which required continuous plundering, and slaughtering.

For that reason, the cultivator would either grow or die in the slaughter.

All of these were reflected in ones strength.

“The great Dao is too far away, and seems unattainable.

Hence, what we can do is merely to improve ourselves continuously so that we can eventually be the master of our own life.

By that time, we may understand the nature of the power.” Jiang Ming said in a low voice.

“Brother Jiang, by that time, are we still feeling as a human” Ye Qingxian sighed.

“Alas, as time flies, time will eventually wipe out everything after thousands of years, millions of years, billions of years, and even trillions of years.

Look at the mortal world, when the parents pass away, the kids would only be sad for a while.

Even if the children are the one who are dead, the parents would only mourn for a while.

What about us Alas, weve billions of years.

Under the power of infinite time, what can we reserve eventually Is it truly meaningful that we sanctify the way of Dao, and are capable of seeing all things with a glance Every time I thought of this, Id feel icy-cold.”

“Life is short for the mortals, but their life is filled with ups and downs, yet living a wonderful life.

Why Because life is a process! When they were born, they knew they would die in about 100 years.

If they were to think that they would die, they wouldnt have lived a wonderful life.

But look at the mortals, how many of them would think of death awaiting” As Jiang Ming said, he knew Ye Qingxian was having passive thoughts.

“What about us When we are going after power, longevity, and the ultimate capability of mastering our own destiny, we are having our own wonderful life.

We dont have to blame others, we just need to pay attention to our own path.

“Brother Jiang, youre still better at this!” Ye Qingxian laughed.

“Compared to the mortals, we have earned too much, and have a life millions of times more wonderful than the mortals.

Yes, the mortals are going after the wonderfulness during the process from birth to death while we shall enjoy a wonderful life during the process of going after the ultimate control of our own destiny.”

Ye Qingxian was not considered having a narrow mindset.

She was just lamenting.

It was at this time that the intimidating aura of a Saint overwhelmed where they were.

“Its here at the end of the day.” Jiang Ming lifted his head, and couldnt help but smirk.

Although Jiang Ming overthrew the Heaven Court the last time he was here, he had to retreat eventually.

However, he was no longer afraid ofthe Saints anymore.

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