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Their sect master was a pattern condensation realm expert.

No matter how monstrous Ye Xuan was, he would definitely not be able to bridge the gap between the unity realm and pattern condensation realm.

Even with the formation active, they themselves were unable to withstand a single blow from the sect master.

The fight continued for an entire day, as onlookers from the Golden Empire looked up in worry.

However, even after the sun rose again on the next day, the fight continued.

Ye Xuan had comprehended fourth-level saber intent by now, so he switched his target over to the axe-wielding inner sect elder, who had comprehended third-level axe intent.

It was not until late at night that Ye Xuan comprehended third-level axe intent.

Then, he comprehended fourth-level fist intent.

After that, he finally chose to go after the inner sect elder with fire intent.

Fire was one of the core five elements, so it took him half a day to comprehend first-level fire intent.

“This should be enough,” Ye Xuan said to himself.

Todays harvest could be said to be extremely bountiful.

He had comprehended a total of four types of martial intents, which included fourth-level saber intent, fourth-level fist intent, first-level fire intent, and third-level axe intent.

Although the power of these martial intents were lacking in comparison to Ye Xuans eighth-level sword intent, it was possible for him to fuse elements of those intents to strengthen his sword intent.

For example, he could already infuse the power of his heavenly lightning intent with his sword qi, greatly enhancing its destructive power.

Another example was fire intent.

If he could get his hands on the other four core elemental intents, he would be able to fuse them into his attacks, unleashing unparalleled power.

However, as the level of intent increased, the time needed to achieve a breakthrough in the level of intent would also increase greatly.

Therefore, Ye Xuan did not choose to continue.

Seeing Ye Xuan stop, the inner sect elders of the Nether God sect trembled with fear.

“Mm! You old dogs have comprehended quite a bit of good stuff, and your formation is quite good too!”

Ye Xuan raised his eyes slightly and looked at the elders indifferently.

“Ye Xuan, arent you going to continue comprehending our martial intents”

That eighth-level unity realm expert looked at Ye Xuan fearfully.

“Im done,” Ye Xuan replied.

“Wait, you havent comprehended my palm intent!”


The peak seventh-level unity realm expert spoke up.

This whole scene was rather comical.

To an outsider, it almost seemed as if they were giving it away to Ye Xuan.

Were they friends

If the other members of the Nether God sect were to see this, their jaws would drop.

“I appreciate your kind intentions, but its about time.

I should send you on your way!”

Ye Xuan smiled and looked at them, and then reached out and clenched his hand.

A dazzling azure divine sword suddenly appeared, which exuded terrifying sword intent.

They were finished!

Damn it!

What was the point of all that effort then Had they really just benefited him for no reason

“Did you really think I wouldnt be able to tell that youre just stalling for time”

Ye Xuan slowly raised the azure divine sword.

These people clearly knew that they could not withstand his attacks, but still persevered for so long.

It was obvious that they were stalling for time.

Furthermore, it was likely that the person they were waiting for was a pattern condensation realm expert.

“Its a pity that the person youve placed all your hopes on might not even be able to withstand one of my sword strikes!”

As soon as he finished speaking, sword qi that seemed to be able to split the heavens and earth erupted and instantly pierced the sky.

Eighth-level sword intent!

The whole world seemed to dim.

It was as if the sword qi had taken the place of the sun.

“This power…”

The inner sect elders of the Nether God sect felt their hopes shatter at the sight of this.

The people who were watching from hundreds of miles away immediately paled and immediately clutched their chests

In that moment, they all felt their hearts briefly stop beating.

“Such sword intent…”

“How is this possible”

“Ye Xuan, Who are you How could a mere 20-year-old cultivator possess such terrifying strength”

“Impossible! How can you possess such powerful sword intent”

Everyone was terrified of the sword qi, be it the elders, or the onlookers.

“Is this Teachers sword intent”

Not far away, Yue and Li Qingyan were stunned as well.

This was the power of their teacher!

World-destroying sword qi!


At this moment, every sword cultivator suddenly felt their swords tremble wildly.

Then, they all flew in Ye Xuans direction, as if they were submitting to him.

Myriad swords greeting the king

What was this grand phenomenon

“Whats going on”

“Can someone explain this to me”

Everyones eyes were filled with shock when they saw this.

Many sword cultivators chose to use swords as their natal artifacts.

These were refined with their owners blood and nurtured with their spiritual power.

A cultivator could only have one natal artifact in their life.

Furthermore, this natal artifact was tied to their soul.

Some natal artifacts had even been refined to the point where the cultivator would live and die together with the natal artifact.

Yet, these artifacts that they had so tirelessly refined were trembling.

Those regular magic artifacts had already flown over to Ye Xuan.

They even had a feeling that if they were not suppressing their natal artifacts, these would fly over to Ye Xuan as well.

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