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Thus, Lin Yuan assigned Chimey to a half-attack and half-support role.

On the battleground, Chimey could use Shatter Sound Attack to counter controlling tactics.

Although Shatter Sound Attack was intangible, feys could determine the positions of Shatter Sound Attack by sensing the pressure in the air.

However, Chimey could use Shatter Sound Attack to control the direction that its enemies took.

If the other party tried to use force, it would be subjected to a barrage of attacks from the sound hammers.

Moreover, Shatter Sound Attack was only sound and used to be an insignificant ability.


It was only when Chimey evolved to Diamond grade and gained the ability Clear Zither Change Voice that Lin Yuan started to see Shatter Sound Attack as important.

Sunlight Rays would be able to weaken a target while increasing the feys agility.

It was a perfect fit with Red Thorn.

Nirvana Light Swansong could save one from death.

With its other exclusive skill to create a positive environment and another to absorb the suns power, Chimey was almost perfect at that moment.

Lin Yuan was curious about how Chimey was going to change after it awoke its bloodline.

The evolution of a feys bloodline was split into two types.

The first was to evolve according to the feys original bloodline.

This evolution would not cause the fey to change its name and type after the evolution.

But if a bloodline was changed fundamentally, the feys name and type would likely change after the evolution.

Chimey and Genius had been following their original bloodlines.

At that moment, Genius said, “Yuan, my spiritual energy was previously strengthened.

But now that I evolved to Diamond grade and my tails changed, something new has happened.”

Previously, Genius ability Tail Trigger would use soul energy to sacrifice a tail and multiply the soul power.

This ability used up Genius tails to increase its soul power but would damage its roots.

After asking Genius, Lin Yuan found out that the spiritual power in its head only took up a small portion of its total spiritual power.

Most of the storage space in Genius head was taken up by soul power.

Genius right tails were moving storage spaces for spiritual energy.

This was why using up one of the tails would increase its soul power.

Each time Genius used up one of its tails, it would need to rest and recover for many months.

This would also affect Genius usage of Connected Tails.

If it sacrificed too many tails at once and its spiritual energy was seriously depleted, Genius would forget a portion of the knowledge it stored to protect itself.

However, Lin Yuan did not want to see this happen.

Hence, he never thought about asking Genius to use Tail Trigger.

Genius went on to say, “Yuan, using Tail Trigger in the past would have required me to sacrifice my tails.

But now, I can use my own spiritual energy to create substitute tails that usually wont be visible.

But every time a tail is used up, the substitute tail will grow rapidly to fill the gap.

However, I will need to absorb a large number of spiritual ingredients every day to create a substitute tail.”

Lin Yuan looked delighted when he heard what Genius said.

If this was true, he would finally be able to start making use of Tail Trigger and not have to worry about incurring any negative consequences because there would be substitute tails to protect Genius.

As for spiritual ingredients, Gao Feng had taken over the Sea Bliss Clan, and the Angelfish of Bliss that Lin Yuan had tampered with had been returned to the Return from Faraway Mansion.

Lin Yuan used spirit qi to change the Angelfish of Bliss and return them to normal.

Lin Yuan had as many rainbow fish coats as he wanted and did not need to be afraid of running out.

Lin Yuan stored the 10,000 rainbow fish coats sent over from Gao Feng in a fey storage box.

He handed the fey storage box to Genius and said, “Genius, use these fish coats.

Ill give you more when you use them all up.”

Genius looked inside the fey storage box and said in a child-like voice, “Yuan, I should be able to produce two substitute tails with these fish coats.”

If other spirit qi professionals heard what Genius said, they would start spluttering with shock.

What a waste! 5,000 fish coats cost an arm and a leg!

When the Sea Bliss Clan was still around, they would sell one fish coat for 80,000 Radiance dollars at least.

Moreover, they would most likely have to sink a large sum of money to obtain a fish tablet of a respectable grade.

5,000 fish coats would cost an average of 400,000,000 Radiance dollars.

No spirit qi professional would be able to afford such a cost.

Even the disciples of top factions would be reluctant to spend such an amount.

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