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Blood splattered.


Heavenly Ghost King screamed.

He, who had transformed into his heavenly ghost form, was actually hit by the strange blade light.

It cut a half-meter line of blood across his chest.

He was almost cut in half.

“Impossible! You actually managed to slash my Heavenly Ghost Body!!”

Heavenly Ghost King roared in disbelief.

“Told you the same move wouldnt work on me.”

Mad Howl snorted, but the knife hand behind his back was trembling wildly.

At the same time, terrifying cracks spread across his arm.

He had already seen through the nature of the heavenly ghost form.

The power of the Night Violent Saber that he had just unleashed was far superior to the normal Night Violent Saber.

If it hit Heavenly Ghost King head-on under normal circumstances.

He could definitely kill him instantly.

Just to break the boundary of the Sky Ghosts concealment, he weakened the power of the blade.

With a speed several times faster than usual, he forcefully entered the dimension where Heavenly Ghost King was hiding.

Because of this, the moment he severely injured Heavenly Ghost King.

He also suffered a backlash that exceeded the limits of his physical body.

The cells in his body collapsed at a visible speed.

“Tian Bei, hurry up and attack!”

Suddenly, King Zhen Shan shouted.


King Tian Bei, who was still leisurely playing with the Demon Venerable [Dragon], muttered.


Instantly, spiritual pressure surged, tearing apart the dark domain.

A pair of huge hands that were large enough to cover the sky grabbed the Ghost Cry that was wrapped around King Zhen Shan and dragged him into the depths of the domain.

“Tian Bei, how dare you!”

Ghost Cry panicked and wanted to turn around to stop King Zhen Shan, but King Tian Bei was too strong.

Even if he and the Demon Venerable [Dragon] worked together, they could not gain the upper hand.

“Two against one.

Lets get this over with!”

Nearby, King Zhen Shans eyes gleamed fiercely.

Since he could become a King, he was naturally someone with rich combat experience.

When Heavenly Ghost King was severely injured, he noticed the abnormality of Mad Howl and immediately gestured for King Tian Bei to drag the ghost away.

As long as they killed the strongest human fighter, this battle would end here.

In an instant, he activated his strongest combat power.


King Zhen Shan roared and attacked fiercely.

In an instant, tens of thousands of flaming fist lights blasted out, not giving Mad Howl any chance to catch his breath.

Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!

The crisp sound of blades rang out continuously as Mad Howl retreated.

More and more blood marks appeared on his body.

In the blink of an eye, he was covered in blood.

“Damn it, my hands are almost crippled.

I cant use saber techniques at the level of the Night Violent Saber anymore.”

Sensing his increasingly numb arm, Mad Howl was anxious.

In the end, he had improved too quickly and too quickly.

If he was given a few more days to recuperate.

At that time, he would definitely be able to defeat two high-level King-level powerhouses.


Such fragrant blood, boy.

I want it.

Give it all to me!”

Suddenly, he heard Heavenly Ghost Kings greedy and anxious voice.

“Old Ghost, do you want to die!!”

On the other side, King Zhen Shan was shocked.

He was still continuing to unleash punches.

Heavenly Ghost King was clearly seriously injured.

After smelling the blood of Mad Howl, he ignored Zhen Shans Mountain Suppressing Fist and pounced at Mad Howl.

In the blink of an eye, the densely packed Mountain Suppressing Fist landed on the Heavenly Ghost and Mad Howl.


“Pain! Pain! Pain!”

More than half of the Heavenly Ghost Kings body exploded, and he screamed.

Mad Howl was also extremely tragic.

His arms were blasted into ashes by the terrifying fist light.

“Idiot! Idiot!”

“Old ghost, f*ck you.

When I go back this time, Ill definitely teach you a lesson!”

King Zhen Shan cursed.

The situation was originally good.

He could have completely crushed the injured Wild Howl with his supreme fist technique.

However, the sudden appearance of Heavenly Ghost King directly disrupted his attack rhythm.

If he continued to use the Killing Fist Technique.

Heavenly Ghost King would probably die before Mad Howl could die.

It did not matter if he died, but he had a powerful uncle in the Elder Council.

Once he died at his hands, there would be no defence.

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and forcefully retracted his fist.


With this pull, the overwhelming backlash surged over.

The backlash was as intense as it had been earlier.

In an instant, tens of thousands of fist lights exploded in his meridians.

His body was damaged and he spat out a large mouthful of blood.


Seeing this opportunity, Mad Howl controlled the Night Violent Saber with his consciousness.

The moment King Zhen Shan retracted his strength, he slashed out a saber beam that was a hundred meters long and extremely fast.


The blade slashed across the thousand-meter-tall body of King Zhen Shan.

Spiritual light poured down, and his entire body was like paper.

Σ(° △°|||)_

King Zhen Shan was extremely shocked.

My King Body has been destroyed

After the shock, there was a shocking scream.

The kings body was broken, and the main body was severely injured.

Coupled with the trauma from pulling back earlier.

Even with the strength of his King Body, he could not withstand the additional injuries.

He could only devour the Blood God Ores crazily to extend his life.

“Zhen Bei, hold on.

Ill avenge you immediately!”

Seeing the miserable state of King Zhen Shan, Heavenly Ghost King shouted guiltily while dragging his half-crippled Heavenly Ghost Body.

He quickly, accurately, and ruthlessly covered Mad Howl.

“Damn, this dog can actually still move!” Mad Howls face turned green.

He could severely injure Zhen Bei and Heavenly Ghost, the two kings, by himself.

Such an impressive record was enough for him to brag about for decades.

But the problem was that if he was sucked to death by the Heavenly Ghost, how could he continue bragging in the future

However, his arms were broken, and the power of the five elements had been exhausted by the Dark Night Slash just now.

He was already powerless to resist.

This was a matter of life and death, so he couldnt care less about his face.

He took the initiative to connect to Lin Ye on the Hearts Web channel and shouted for help.

“Master, help! I cant take it anymore.

The old ghost is too fierce!”

“Boohoo ~ This dog is sucking my blood.


Coincidentally, Demon Venerable [Dragon] also connected to Hearts Web consciousness and screamed for help.

At this moment, it was covered in bumps and bruises.

The ten-thousand-meter-long spiritual body became much fainter.

Clearly, in the dark domain, it was almost beaten up one-sidedly in its battle with King Tian Bei.

It could not fight back at all.

Fortunately, Ghost Cry was pulled inside.

Otherwise, it would probably be blown up and go into a deep sleep early.

“And me.

I cant hold on much longer either.”

The divine light around the Valkyrie Tian Xi dimmed, and the faces of the members of the main force turned pale.

Blood Sea King was much stronger than Venerable Blood Vengeance, even though they had all advanced by six or seven levels.

There were also new breakthroughs in his equipment and secret techniques.

In the end, when they fought head-on, they were still covered in dust.

“Its okay.

At least there are no casualties.”

Lin Ye gave the situation a glance and looked pleased.

“Master, if you dont attack, there will really be casualties!” Mad Howl was about to cry.

His neck was bitten by Heavenly Ghost Kings fangs.

He could clearly feel his blood flowing rapidly, and his resistance was getting weaker and weaker.

On the other hand, Heavenly Ghost Kings aura became stronger and stronger.

Even his terrifying white hair actually glowed with new vitality.

“Its almost time.

Hang in there.

Anyway, you wont die from getting some of your blood sucked away.

You can just drink some six-colored divine blood to nourish yourself later.”

Lin Ye replied and turned around to slap Old Demon Wen Ling.

“F*ck, hurry up.

Youre the only one left.

If you dont settle it in ten seconds, your king-grade Blood God Crystal will be gone!”

“Wu wu wu ~ ~ ~”

Wen Ling looked aggrieved.

Among these corpses, the weakest was a top-notch Venerable, and the strongest was a King.

She was only a Creation Realm array master.

Even if she gathered a hundred of herself, her speed of drawing array patterns was extremely limited.

Fortunately, at the last moment, the threat of the Blood God Essence Crystal worked.

Wen Ling completely exploded.

Her withered hair danced in the wind, and her fingertips were like lightning as she successfully completed the drawing in ten seconds.

At the same time, the system sent a congratulatory message.


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