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“Are you done” Lin Ye was expressionless.

Instead of slowing down as King Xing Chen begged for mercy, his hands moved faster and faster.

In the blink of an eye, more than half of his Spirit Body and Life Origin Crystal were crushed, accelerating the transformation of the soul seed.

“No, of course not!!!”

“At least give me a reason for hunting me down! Im more wronged than the Dou Xiaoe in your human history!”

King Xing Chen was so depressed that he was about to cry.

He didnt understand why.

What was the grudge

Didnt he just carry out a mission from the Zombie Divine Palace Furthermore, he didnt manage to do anything to Lin Ye.

Taking another 10,000 steps back, not only did he not harm him, but he also lost his incomparably precious Kings Body and the storage ring that contained treasures he had accumulated for countless years.

He had really suffered a huge loss this time.

But looking at Lin Yes momentum, it seemed like he was the real victim.

He had the intention of killing himself.


“Youve harmed so many humans, and you still dare to pretend to be innocent”

“And a reason to kill you”


“Die! Trash!”

Lin Yes eyes were cold like a demon from hell.

Normally, he wouldnt be so angry, but the consequences of the commotion caused by him in Hell made him very unhappy.

The humans criticized him crazily on the World Channel, causing his reputation to fall drastically.

Even if he had 100xReward, his reputation could not sustain such a fall.

If this continued, after today, the reputation rankings of the six major rankings would probably be cut off from him forever.

The final reward for the Reputation Ranking was also very tempting.

Once he could trigger the 100xReward, it would definitely be even more fragrant.

However, all of this was almost destroyed by these bastards from the Zombie God Realm.

As the saying went, cutting off someones money was no different from killing their parents.

The Zombie Divine Palace dared to destroy his reputation at all costs.

Then he would have to bear the anger of facing him!

And this first target was under his eyes.

It was the closest, the weakest, and also a familiar face.

Coincidentally, this dog had captured so many human lords and used their blood to repair his cultivation.

All sorts of factors piled up.

When Lin Ye saw him now, it was like seeing dog **.

He wished he could light King Xing Chen up like a firecracker and set off soul fireworks.

But in the end, he held back.

Instead of killing this dog so easily, it was better to make use of him.


A moment later, amidst the screams of torn souls and torn lungs,

Lin Ye forcefully refined the soul body and Life Origin Crystal into a jade-green soul pearl.

This bead was the simplest and purest puppet soul seed.

In the past, it was refined according to the beast soul, but King Chen Xings soul was stronger and more suitable for his own body.

At the same time, the system sent a congratulatory message.

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye.

You have obtained a King-level Soul Seed!”



100 King-level Soul Seeds!


A Half-step Emperor-level Soul Seed!


Random number and rank of Soul Seeds! (Probability of a Beginner King-level Soul Seed and below appearing is excluded!)

“It can trigger a hundredfold reward”

Lin Ye raised his eyebrows.

He had already triggered the 100xReward when he killed King Xing Chens Kings Body.

He did not expect that he would be able to trigger it again when it came to his soul seed.

Although he did not understand the principle behind it, the result was still very fragrant.

Either way, it was definitely not a loss.

Of course, in order to better carry out the secret operation to severely injure the Zombie Divine Palace, he immediately made a choice.

“I choose option two!”


A delicate soul beam condensed and wrapped around the surface of the luminous green soul seed.

As light and shadow intersected, a terrifying, ignorant, but extremely oppressive soul consciousness was born.

“Life awareness!!!”

Lin Ye narrowed his eyes.

Oh my god, was this a life puppet like Little White

Soon, data flew out of his Transcending Eye.

These were all ancient books recorded from the Puppet Demon Sect.

A careful comparison…

Overall, it was indeed a life system puppet.

The only difference was that the materials and soul seeds used by the Puppet Demon Sect to refine a puppet life like Little White were far inferior to the one used by King Chen Xing.

It could be understood that Little White was a puppet that relied on superb puppet technology that had been given life by a god.

On the other hand, Lin Yes puppet made natural treasures of gold and silver, as well as a powerful soul seed.

It was a powerful new puppet forcefully put together, reeking of thestench of money.


More specifically, the current King Xing Chen was not a puppet.

Instead, it was a clean and spotless Alchemy Life Spirit Body.

“Your predecessor is dead and the karma between us is gone.

Our feud is written off.”

Lin Ye looked at the soul seed in his palm and continued without caring if the other party could understand him, “Now, as the creator of your life, I will give you a new life.”

“Since your original name was King Xing Chen, I shall name you Morning Star.”

“I hope you can use it as a mirror at all times to reflect on yourself and serve my Lin Clan for the rest of your life.

Remember that!”

With that, he added a few special restriction-type seals into the soul seed.

After making sure nothing was wrong, he pointed through the air.



The moment the voices synchronized, the battle puppet that originally belonged to King Xing Chen flew out of the void ring.

The soul seed bead seemed to have been thrown into the water, and a strange ripple appeared on its solid metal body.

It quietly fused into the puppet in a way that exceeded human imagination.

At the same time, Lin Ye formed thousands of seals.

The 100xReward directly produced hundreds of thousands of seals.

In the blink of an eye, the fusion was completed.


Suddenly, the eyes of the King Xing Chen puppet glowed green, and its intelligence attribute soared.

“Morning Star greets Master!”

Puppet Morning Star was very intelligent.

As soon as he was born, he remembered the name Lin Ye had given him when he was still in the soul seed state.

Then, his gaze landed on Lin Ye.

He sensed the familiarity from the rune seal and spoke respectfully.

“Go, test your strength.”

Lin Ye had a thought, and the latter immediately understood.


The next moment, Morning Star moved, faster than expected.

And his combat strength was even more unimaginable.


A black star was born.

Then, the Great Devouring Technique erupted.

The stars twisted and turned into a void black hole.

A terrifying devouring force flashed, and tens of thousands of zombies disappeared in the distant zombie wave.

“Amazing!” Lin Ye stared.

To be honest, this efficiency was even faster than the Heavenly Ghost King puppet that had already reached the complete Emperor-grade.

It was not that his true combat power surpassed the Heavenly Ghost King puppet.

It was just a reference and advantage.

After all, the previous King Xing Chen Puppet was only at high-level King-grade.

However, after fusing with his soul seed, he forcefully raised the upper limit by several levels.

The preliminary prediction was that he probably had the combat power of a limit Emperor-grade.

With this comparison, Lin Ye looked at the Heavenly Ghost King and the other puppets with anticipation.


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