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This sudden news exploded in the entire Earth Federation.

The message was actually a video that was only 13 minutes and 28 seconds long.

In this video that was announced on the Milky Way Network, it displayed what had happened at a certain time near a stargate.

This stargate was the stargate of the Leppler Star System.

What happened at this time was the part where the Seres Security Companys fleet and Chu Nan fought with the cosmic pirates and Grek at the entrance of the Leppler Star System.

However, a part of it was cut off in the middle, cutting off the part after Chu Nan drove the super-miniature spaceship to escape.

Clearly, it was specially aimed at this incident.

As soon as the video was announced, it quickly caused a huge commotion in the Earth Federation.

Everyone who had seen this video had countless questions.

Why could that Earth Federation fleet actually turn the tables against a cosmic pirate fleet that was ten times their number

Although from the video image, this key was on the super-miniature spaceship that mysteriously appeared later, why did the particle beams and antimatter missiles of the Earth Federation Fleet seem to have eyes and hit the target accurately after it rushed into the cosmic pirate fleet

What was even more ridiculous was why the battleships of the Cosmic Pirate Fleet suddenly seemed to have completely lost their energy shields, allowing the particle beams and antimatter missiles fired by the Earth Federation Fleet to directly hit their main bodies.

In the end, they instantly caused huge casualties, causing them to lose 13 large and medium-sized battleships in a short period of time and be forced to retreat

Why did that super-miniature spaceship not choose to meet up with this Earth Federation Fleet after this and escape to the deep space universe alone Why did the Earth Federation Fleet abandon this influence that allowed them to turn the tables and leave first

Why did that super-miniature spaceship return to the stargate later on After finally escaping from the attack of a cosmic pirate fleet that was lying in ambush, it was inexplicably destroyed by a particle beam


Countless questions were crazily raised, but no one could answer.

The day after the video was announced, a post that entered a deep analysis of this video suddenly appeared, quickly attracting greater attention.

In this analysis post, they entered a deep analysis of this video.

When they increased the pixel of the video and zoomed in, everyone discovered that the reason why that super-miniature spaceship chose to suddenly enter deep space and the Earth Federation Fleet abandoned him to jump over the stargate was actually because of the sudden appearance of a person.

Clearly, someone who could fly freely in the sky and even catch up to the super mini spaceship must be a powerful Heaven Control Martial Artist.

In front of the Heaven Control Martial Artists, there were less than ten battleships left.

Moreover, they had just experienced a huge battle.

The Earth Federation fleet that did not have enough powerful battleships could only escape through the jump stargate.

The actions of that ultra-miniature spaceship were clearly sacrificing itself to lure away that Heaven Control Realm Martial Artist and create a chance for the Earth Federation Fleet to escape.

After understanding this, the last ultra-miniature spaceship was struck by a particle beam before it entered the stargate, causing countless people to feel pity.

No matter what, this ultra-miniature spaceships performance could be said to be perfect.

The pilot inside displayed extremely powerful driving skills, techniques, and courage, but in the end, he was unable to successfully escape.

It was really a huge loss to the entire Earth Federation.

However, when they saw the end of this analysis post, everyone was even more surprised.

The person who posted the post analyzed the last part of the video more deeply and zoomed in.

Under such circumstances, they could see what had happened more clearly.

They could see Chu Nan jump out of the super mini spaceship and fight with Grek head-on.

They could see that before he was about to rendezvous with the super mini spaceship, it was destroyed by an unexpected particle beam.

They could see that Chu Nan was forced to helplessly turn around and fight with Grek again…

Of course, everyone clearly saw the scene of Chu Nan flying into the stargate.

After reading it, everyone was stunned.

This person was actually Chu Nan!

Due to the West Cloud Planets martial arts competition last year and the special evaluation of the two Star-Grade Martial Artists, Mu Yutong and Norman, as well as Chu Nans relationship with the federation that pushed the “Foundation Martial Skill Promotion Act”, he could be considered a famous person in the Earth Federation.

Everyone knew that although Chu Nans talent was outstanding, it was almost impossible for him to break through the Cosmic Heavens Gate in the future because his foundation was weak.

However, now, in this video, Chu Nan could actually fly out of the super mini spaceship and fight another Heaven Control Martial Artist in space!

Although he was clearly not a match for that Heaven Control Realm expert, being able to fly freely in space was an ability that only Heaven Control Realm experts had!

Could it be that after not appearing in public for a period of time, not only had Chu Nan broken through the Cosmic Heavens Gate, he had even become a Heaven Control expert

This was too ridiculous!

However, compared to these unbelievable questions, the most important thing was that Chu Nan was actually dead!

Regardless of whether he had become a Heaven Control expert, as long as he was not a Star-Grade Martial Artist, if he flew into the stargate like this, he would only die.

There would be no exceptions.

This way, no matter how he defied the judgment of the two Star-Grade Martial Artists and broke through the Cosmic Heavens Gate, or how he had the ability to fly in space, it was no longer important.

Everything ended when a person died.

Now that Chu Nan was dead, it was impossible to find and ask any questions about him.

If they wanted to know the answer, they could only ask other relevant people.

At the end of the post, there was also some key information.

That stargate was the stargate that belonged to the Sapphire Star Fields Leppler Star System.

That Earth Fleet was the security fleet that belonged to the Seres Security Company.

The Star Cloud Academy that Chu Nan was in had just organized a trial activity for new students on Leppler Planet.

Chu Nan was one of these students.

Although there was not much information, it was enough to make countless connections.

After thinking about it, countless questions arose.

In the Earth Federation, which was far more informative than the era of the surface, the speed at which this news spread far exceeded imagination.

In less than two days, everyone in the federation knew and it caused an uproar.

For a moment, emotions were surging.

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