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“No, no.

Jing Chen, these are all my favorites.” Su Wan shook her head repeatedly.

“But Jing Chen, Im sorry…”

Jing Chen frowned.

This was the second time she had said “Im sorry” today, but she never said why.

Jing Chen put down his chopsticks and looked at Su Wan.

“Wan wan, its not easy for us to be together again.

We still have a long way to go in the future.

I hope that no matter what happens, we can bear the consequences together, okay”

At this point, Su Wan felt that she would really let Jing Chen down if she didnt say anything.

However, Jing Chens behavior made her heart ache.

After all, once she said it, she would really lose Jing Chen.

After a short silence, Su Wan lowered her head.

“Jing Chen, forgive me for not being able to be with you.

Maybe Bai Lians influence on me was too great previously and caused a barrier between us.

Maybe its really difficult for us to reconcile.

I think we should stop our losses in time.

Its better than constantly hurting each other.”

Jing Chen was stunned.

He had thought of many reasons, but he obviously did not expect this answer.

“Why Weve been getting along very well these past few days.

You said that we would go and register our marriage after Grandpa gets better.

Do you know how happy I am But now youre telling me that its hard to reconcile.” Jing Chen might have been angry, the words he said were chilling.

Su Wan wiped her tears silently.

Her heart was bleeding too.

Who would be willing to be separated from the person they loved

“Im sorry, Im sorry, Jing Chen.” Su Wan cried and apologized repeatedly, even though she was very weak.

Seeing Su Wans pitiful look, Jing Chens heart softened.

He tried his best to make his voice gentle.

“Wan wan, tell me, did you encounter some trouble that you cant say Tell me and well settle it together, okay It wasnt easy for us to get back together.

How can we break up so easily”

“Im not.

Im telling the truth.

Dont you believe me Then why dont you believe what Im saying”

Su Wans heart ached.

Jing Chen still didnt believe her.

He stared at Su Wan.

“Wan wan, youre lying.

Otherwise, look up into my eyes.

Tell me, what happened”

“Dont say that its hard to reconcile.

I wont believe you.”

Jing Chen placed his hands on Su Wans shoulders and forced her to face him.

Su Wan was still crying with her head lowered.

She was afraid that she would not be able to hold it in once she saw Jing Chen.

“Can you look up at me Look at me and tell me.”

Su Wan cried for a while before she slowly looked up at Jing Chen sadly.

“Do you really have to know”

Su Wans heart ached. Was this moment coming so soon

“I must know.” Jing Chen nodded hard.

“Your truth, not such a clumsy excuse.”


Su Wan closed her eyes, then slowly rolled up her sleeves and unbuttoned her shirt, revealing the bruises and wounds.

There were even long marks on her arms.

It was a shocking sight.

Jing Chens heart ached when he saw this.

He suddenly grabbed Su Wans hand.

“Whats going on Who did this”

“After I met the dessert chef last night, I was kidnapped while waiting for the car.

I dont know where they kidnapped me.

They even fed me medicine and… and…” Su Wan couldnt continue and was too embarrassed to speak.

But maybe if he knew, he would give up

“Jing Chen, Im not clean anymore.

Im very dirty now, so lets separate.

Ive let you down.

I cant face you anymore.

Just pretend that we never started again!”

With that, Su Wan ran back to her room in tears.

She locked herself in and started crying.

Jing Chen was the only one left at the dining table.

Jing Chen clenched his fists tightly, the veins on his forehead and the back of his hand bulging.

He exuded a cold aura, as if he was on the verge of going berserk.

He had thought about what Su Wan would have experienced last night, but he had never thought that she would get kidnapped.

God knew how uncomfortable he felt when he found out about what had happened.

His Wan wan would only break down more and be in more despair.


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