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I leaned my head against the window of the running carriage and blinked blankly.

I still couldn’t get myself out of daze.

‘What the hell happened’

I recalled the situation a while ago, frowning slowly.

Benjamin has been inviting me over to have a cup of tea with him like the old times.

But there was no time to spare for Benjamin’s invitation.

This is because I have been busy since I returned to the Empire.

Although Brian helped me to become the Head of Chernicia which happened so suddenly without any planning and made me so busy that I couldn’t have time to close my eyes.

But it was for my Chernicia.

Joy and reward were ahead of the thought of working hard.

I promised to visit Benjamin when everything was done to some extent, but there was no time.

So I went to visit him after the conquest of evil spirits.

Just when we were drinking tea leisurely and having a small conversation for the first time in a while, Katarina came to visit.

With Theodore’s child, a child who resembles Theodore.

And Theodore, who came in a hurry just after her appearance, looked happier than ever.

I thought it was because he met Katarina again.

However, Theodore broke everyone’s expectations and excitedly captured Katarina.

Take her to the dungeon of the palace right now.

Yes, Your Majesty.

The Emperor’s soldiers nodded in a restrained motion and dragged Katarina somewhere.

Only Katarina’s desperate scream lingered on the spot.

I stared blankly at the place where she had left with an astonished face, and then suddenly, I felt a burning gaze on me.

Turning my head, I saw Theodore looking at me with a very proud expression.


He approached me with glistening eyes as if asking for praise.

I told you.

It was a misunderstanding that she and I are lovers.

We don’t have anything between us.

It was a misunderstanding

I narrowed my eyes and stared at him.

Yes, it’s all a misunderstanding.

That’s why I’m here to get her.

Because she’s the bad woman who bothered you by pretending to be my fiance.

What are you talking about She was not pretending to be your fiancée, I’m sure you two were gonna…….

No, that was all a misunderstanding.

It was a lie.

Why else would I put her in jail


I was swayed by his words for a moment.

But Theodore was a man who could lie without blinking an eye.

While standing next to him, who had lost his memory, I saw clearly what an evil man he was.

It was when I stiffened my face again as I recalled the fact.


A small child shook Theodore’s pants by grabbing them.

It was the child that Katrina left behind.



For a moment, Theodore’s face was distorted, but the child rubbed his head on Theodore’s legs, clinging to him.

Damn it, get off.

What’s this disgusting thing


Why would I…… Wait, Yves! Where are you going, Yves Yves!

After seeing the scene, I turned coldly.


I heard Theodore’s desperate voice calling me from behind, but I turned away.

Yves, are you going home now

Yes, I’ll call you back


Benjamin also shook his head with a dissatisfied look when he realized that the peaceful tea time was broken.

Like that, I got into the carriage saying farewell to Benjamin only.

And it’s been the way it is all along.

‘What misunderstanding’

My clenched fist gathered strength.

‘What, Dad’

The name, which had never been allowed to Erwin and Odelia, was called by that child.

So I was vexed with displeasure.

Theodore tried to deny his relationship with Katarina, but the child, who was calling him “Dad,” was clear evidence of their relationship…….

‘It was a misunderstanding It was a lie She pretended to be his fiance’

Katarina was able to be proud by posing as the emperor’s fiance because of Theodore’s acquiescence.

And even if, as he said, his relationship with Katarina was false…….

‘You did it with her.

Dirty little thing.’

I saw Theodore kissing Catarina.

I’ve never seen him do anything more than that with her, but he told me she had his own child with a clear mark on Katarina’s neck.

When we met again, he said his relationship with Katarina was false.

I almost tilted my head to see if the words were true for a moment, no matter how sad and pitiful they were.

Today, if only Katarina hadn’t shown up with a child who looked like him.

The child who hung on Theodore calling him “Dad” was obviously his child.

Maybe he was being fickle.

Maybe he’s doing this to me because his interest in Katarina has cooled.

Theodore was a trash who flirted with me until just before the engagement ceremony with Katarina, so it was possible.

‘Wow, then this…… You’re pretending you don’t know the woman who showed up with your child’

Thinking like that made him even more like a jerk.

Apart from my dislike of Katarina.

‘A dirty playboy.

Disgusting rubbish with no sense of responsibility.

How are you going to change my mind with such a lie’

I shook my head vigorously, recalling that I almost listened to the disgusting garbage for a moment.

“We have arrived, My Lord.”

Before I knew it, the carriage that passed through the main gate of the mansion stopped in front of the building.

I was getting out of the carriage, when I smelled something strange.


A subtle smell of burning wood was mixed in the air.

As I ran towards the place where I smelled the ominous smell coming from, the burnt-out garden welcomed me.

“What is this….”

As I stared at it with a shocked expression, Brian, who was cleaning the garden up with servants, saw me and approached me.

“Here you are, Yvone.”

“What the hell is going on, brother”

“Oh, that’s….”

Brian sighed with a slightly emaciated face.

“It seems that the children accidentally set fire while playing in the garden.

Fortunately, Laura found it right away and it didn’t lead to a big accident, but there was a lot to clean up.”

“Er and Lia accidentally started the fire”

It never happened while living in Arbela.

With a rattling worry, I felt sorry for the children.

“I left my children behind…”

Er and Lia were only three years old.

“You don’t have to blame yourself because it’s not your fault.

It was an accident.

You didn’t do anything.”

Brien soothed me, but I couldn’t calm down.

“I think Lia was especially surprised.

She suddenly disappeared and reappeared right after the fire was put out.

So you should go and comfort her, because you are her mother after all.”


I hurried around and entered the building.

“Laura! What about the kids”

“They are in the room at the end of the second floor.”

As Laura told me, I arrived in the room at the end of the second floor.

But just as I was about to enter, I heard a voice of helplessness over the slightly open door.

“What should Lia do now”

“Don’t worry, Lia.”

“Mommy will be very angry that Lia destroyed the garden….”

“Mommy won’t be angry.”

“Er, how do you know that”

“If Mommy gets angry, Er will scold Mommy.”


Listening to the conversation between the two children quietly, I couldn’t resist and opened the door.

Then Odelia, who was murmuring with her head buried over her knees, raised her head with a startled face.


“Oh, Mom, you’re here……!”

Erwin greeted me but Odelia couldn’t say anything.

“Er, Lia.”

When I called them in a calm voice, Lia flinched.

“Lia did it by mistake.

You shouldn’t be angry at her because she didn’t mean it.”

Er said, with his arms wide open, as if to protect Lia.


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