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In the face of an accident, any plan would be meaningless.

“Then what should we do”

A hint of worry flashed across Yang Mis eyes.

The phenomenon here was too shocking.

It could be said to be earth-shattering.

When the time came, countless experts would gather.

Not to mention that valley, but the entire Kingdom of Dawn would also become a land of chaos.

If things went wrong, those experts might devour them.

And this was something that Li Xiang would not allow.

Accidents could happen anywhere except in the Kingdom of Dawn.

Otherwise, the impact would be extremely serious.

“Dont worry.

No matter who it is, I wont let them go back alive if they want to cause trouble in the Kingdom of Dawn!”

Li Xiangs eyes flashed with a cold light without any fear.

He also wanted to find an enemy to test his current strength.

He had the Tower of Dawn and had opened up eight worlds.

The power he could use now was beyond imagination.

The strength of his subordinates had soared while the army was also rapidly expanding.

No matter what kind of enemy it was, he was confident in facing them.

Unless it was a true god of the Holy Light grade, or else he was not afraid of anyone at the moment.

Moreover, after the City of Dawn had leveled up to level 7, the citys defensive facilities had also been upgraded.

Even if divine grade experts appeared on a large scale, they could forget about invading the city if they did not prepare for a large number of deaths.

“Alice, inform everyone to come to the meeting hall!”


At the same time, many hidden experts within the Kingdom of Dawn also emerged one after another.

They looked toward the direction of the valley and their gazes were flickering.

“This phenomenon is earth-shattering.

It must be the birth of a huge treasure.

When that time comes, it will attract countless experts to fight over it.

Should we join”

Some of these experts immediately left, while some directly returned to their rooms.

Each of them had their own choices.

On the hill outside the valley, another hole opened up.

The burly Scorpion race leader walked out of the ground quickly.

He turned around to look at the gigantic pillar of light in the valley.

His eyes flashed with extreme excitement.

“The heaven is helping our Scorpion race.

The place where the treasure was born is very close to us.

If we can get it, whether we use it or offer it to the God of Demon, it will be of great benefit to our race.”

At this moment, the Scorpion race emerged from the ground one after another.

When they saw the strange phenomenon in the distance, their eyes instantly filled with fanaticism and excitement.

They brandished the spears in their hands and let out unpleasant roars.

Following that, eight Scorpion race warriors who were more burly than the leader carried a huge black circular altar and walked out of the cave.

When the Scorpion race saw this altar, they immediately revealed pious and fanatical expressions as they prostrated themselves on the ground.

“Well temporarily give up on digging the passage to the Kingdom of Dawn for now and move to the bottom of the valley.

The treasure must belong to us, the Scorpions.

Whoever stop us will be our enemy.

Well not rest until we die!”

“Well not rest until we die!”

“Well not rest until we die!”

The group of fanatical scorpions roared loudly.

Not long after, the scorpion army once again returned underground and quickly dug towards the direction of the valley.

In a mountain forest, there was a tall and handsome man with a full beard.

He was tall and sturdy with a bold aura.

If this was in the ancient times of the Earth, he would be a peerless valiant general.

At this moment, with a casual strike, a dragons roar sounded, followed by a golden dragon-shaped force.

It struck a huge black tiger-shaped ferocious beast, forcing it to retreat in a sorry state.

It continuously let out low and deep cries of pain.

This was a ferocious beast that was at least level 180, yet it was being beaten up by this man easily that it cried out repeatedly.

It could be seen that this man was much stronger than the ferocious beast.

With the final strike, he directly slapped the forehead of the ferocious beast.

In an instant, blood flowed out of its seven orifices.

Its body directly collapsed on the ground, completely dead.

“Brother Qiao, youre too powerful.

You can easily kill such a terrifying fierce beast.” An eighteen or nineteen-year-old delicate girl ran out from behind a big tree.

Looking at the fierce beasts corpse, her face was full of joy.

“Bring this fierce beast back.

It should be able to let the others have a good meal.”

The man called Brother Qiao ignored the girls compliment.

He just waved his hand and said with a domineering tone.

Soon, a group of human civilians of different ages ran over from a distance and carried the fierce beast away happily.

This was the wilderness.

There were demons everywhere.

If the fierce beast was disintegrated here, the smell of blood would attract many terrifying existences.

Therefore, they could only carry it away and deal with it when they reached a safe place.


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