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When Little Loli arrived, they had just finished breakfast not long ago.

“Uncle Lu, Auntie Lu, this auntie here, this sister here, brother-in-law, sister and this adorable little kid.

Good morning~”

Upon hearing Little Lolis sweet voice echoing across the living room, Mrs.

Lu raised her eyebrows and revealed a smile.

“Little Loli, how come youre here”

“Im here to play~” Little Loli said in all seriousness.

“Ive been saying that I wanted to come here to play but didnt have the time to.

It just so happens that Im on my break right now, so here I am.

Auntie Lu, will you find me troublesome”

Zi Yis lips twitched as she heard what Little Loli said.

On the other hand, Mrs.

Lu liked Little Loli a lot.

She felt that this little robot was more adorable than those two sons of hers.

“Why wouldnt I welcome you Didnt I invite you over ages ago”

Luo Qingning seated next to Mrs.

Lu looked at Little Loli for quite some time.

She was clearly unaware that Little Loli was a robot and so she asked, “Lingluo, whose child is this little lady How old is she Isnt she too adorable”


Lu was just about to say that Little Loli was a robot when Little Loli spoke before she could.

“Hello Auntie, Im from my Sisters family.”

Following that, she pointed at Zi Yi.

“We are cousins.”

At the same time, Zi Yi picked up a spring roll and placed it in Mrs.

Lus bowl.

“Mom, just satisfy Little Lolis hobby.”

Zi Yis words did not make sense to the guests but Mrs.

Lu somehow understood what she meant.

As it turns out, Little Loli wanted them to treat her as a person.

Other than the fact that Little Lolis body was that of a robot, her train of thought was exactly the same as a humans.

She would definitely feel upset if she was constantly thought of as a robot and so, she happily said, “Sure.”

Little Lolis eyes curved into crescent moons and she looked even more adorable.

Luo Qian, who was sitting at the table with everyone, looked at Little Loli and praised her.

“Itll be good if Ranran can be so adorable when she grows up.”

Following that, she also said, “Oh right.

We still havent gotten to know what her name is, right”

“Sister, my surname is Luo and my name is Li.”

Luo Qian smiled and said, “I almost thought that you were from the same ancestry as us.”

“Oh Sister, your surname is also Luo”

“Yes, but its a different Luo than yours.”

“Hehe, it doesnt matter.”

While talking Little Loli walked to the dining table.

She looked at Luo Ran, who was sitting there and looking at her, and she revealed an excited expression.

“This little girl is so adorable.”

Luo Ran was still looking at her curiously.

Little Loli smiled at her.

“Little girl, do you want this sister to feed you”

After Luo Ran looked at her for a period of time, she pushed the bowl to Little Loli and said, “Sure, Sister, hug~”

Luo Qian who was seated next to Luo Ran pressed her shoulders as she said, “Ranran, if youre eating, eat by yourself.

Youre old enough and you still want others to feed you”

Luo Ran pouted.

“Nooo… I want Sister to feed me.”

Little Loli went to carry Luo Ran before Luo Qian was about to get angry again.

She then took her little bowl and walked toward the sofa in the living room.

“Sister Luo, you guys can continue eating.

Ill help you look after Little Ranran.”

Luo Qian felt a little embarrassed and Zi Yi said, “Sister Luo, dont worry.

Even though Little Loli has never taken care of a child before, she has a cute appearance and children should be rather fond of her.”

Luo Qian opened her mouth and wanted to say something.

However, when the words came to her lips, she did not know what to say either.

After thinking for a while, she said, “Little Loli is also your guest and it isnt good to have the guest go through the trouble, right”

“Its no trouble.

Little Loli came after eating.”

Little Loli immediately said, “Thats right.

Sister Luo, dont worry about me.

You guys should continue eating.”

Little Loli placed Luo Ran down on the sofa.

While feeding her, she said, “Ranran, after eating breakfast, do you want me to bring you out to play There are a few fun amusement parks suitable for kids and we can go and ride the pirate ship, take the roller coaster and ride the merry-go-round.”

Luo Ran, who opened her mouth to eat the porridge Little Loli was feeding her, did not say anything but looked at her with those large eyes of hers.

Little Loli revealed an even brighter smile.

“We can even head to the mushroom house to eat yummy sweets and biscuits, and there are also…”

Upon hearing Little Loli describe what are the fun things to do in the amusement parks, Luo Qingning said with a smile, “It seems like Yiyis cousin is a child who likes to play too.”

“Little Loli usually doesnt have much time to go out and play.

She usually learns of these things through the internet.” Zi Yi smiled and said, “If you are comfortable with it, you can let Little Loli bring her around to play… Dont worry, if they really do go out, Ah Jing will send bodyguards to follow them around.”

“Haha, we would certainly be comfortable, no worries.”

“I dont want to go to the amusement park… Wuuuu…”

While talking, Luo Ran suddenly started crying.

Little Loli hastily coaxed her.

“We wont go, we wont go.

Well go wherever Little Ranran wants to go.”

Only then did Luo Ran stop crying.

Luo Qingning revealed a helpless smile.

Just as she was about to speak, Luo Ran unexpectedly said, “I want pretty Uncle to accompany me to play.”

Luo Qingnings smile stiffened and she hastily looked at Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye said apologetically, “I have work.”

Luo Qingning nodded with complicated emotions.

“Ranran only mentioned it as a joke.

Dont take it seriously.”

As soon as Luo Qingning said that, Little Lolis puzzled voice sounded.

“Little Ranran, why do you want brother-in-law to accompany you Could it be that youre treating him as your Dad”

Luo Qingning and Luo Qian revealed awkward expressions.

Why does it sound weird when Little Loli asked this question in front of the Lu Family members

Unexpectedly, Luo Ran answered, “I want him to be my Dad.”

“Oh! Why do you want him as your Dad Wheres yours”

Just then, Luo Qian finally placed the chopsticks on the table and stood up to walk towards them.

While walking, she said, “Her Dad and I had a divorce more than a year ago.

Its possible that Ranran still cant accept the fact that her Dad isnt around.”

Little Loli naturally answered, “Sister Luo, you can find another Dad for Little Ranran.

Youre so pretty and outstanding, it would be easy for you to find one… Otherwise, if whenever Little Ranran sees a handsome man and wants them to be her Dad, it would pose a huge headache for married men.”

When Luo Qian heard what she said, her footsteps paused and she subconsciously looked at Lu Jingye who was picking up some dishes and putting them into Zi Yis bowl.

She somehow felt that these words were meant for her.

Little Loli acted as though she did not see Luo Qians expression and continued to speak, “I know many handsome and outstanding men.

Why dont I introduce one to Sister Luo”

“Theres no need.” Luo Qian felt an indescribable feeling in her heart.

She walked to Luo Rans side, squatted down to look her in the eye, and educated her in all seriousness.

“Ranran, whenever you see a good-looking man in the future, youre not allowed to call them your Dad.

Your Dad and I are only divorced and your Dad still loves you very much.

If you miss him, Ill take you to visit him.”

When Luo Ran heard what she said, she pouted.

“I dont want Dad.”

“Then dont go around randomly asking for a Dad.”

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