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Chapter 1999: Chapter 2114: Do You have a brain

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“Im shopping outside.”Zhu Meina took a tissue and wiped the rain off her hair.

However, when she saw the mud on her high heels, she did not like it.

This drizzle.., shopping was always uncomfortable.

“What did you say”

Yan Huan thought he had heard wrong.

“Zhu Meina, you went shopping”

“Yeah, if I dont go shopping in this weather, do you want me to suffocate to death” “The planes and trains arent running anymore, what else can I Do” “I can only stay in such a small place, its about to grow hair.

Why didnt I fly out earlier and stay abroad This way, not only can I buy a lot of things, but of course, it hasnt rained this darn rain.

Its been raining for half a month, when can it stop”


Yan Huan couldnt even be bothered to roll his eyes at her.

This woman was still as stubborn as ever.

He didnt know what was going on right now.

Didnt he know that the school and factories were all on vacation Didnt he know that the entire sea city was under martial law She was really good.

She was actually still able to go out shopping.

She wasnt afraid that the flood would blow her people away.

“Zhu Meina, do you have a brain”Yan Huan really couldnt understand this womans extraordinary brain capacity.

was there really a string missing in her brain Why couldnt she understand such an obvious thing

Shopping in such a heavy rain

“I know,”Zhu Meina admitted generously, “If I had a brain, I wouldnt have fallen to such a state.

However, Im already in such a state.

Its useless to have a brain.

Let me continue to be brainless.”

His lack of a brain was not because of anything else, but because of Zhu Xianglan and her mother.

However, now that her enemies were dead and gone, she was happy and at peace.

From now on, she would live the life of a rich woman, and it would not be a loss.

“Oh right, you havent said whats the matter.

Why Cant I Go Crazy on the streets Oh right, why cant she go shopping Shes just going shopping.

Whats wrong with that Do you have to scold her like this”

She even said that she didnt have a brain.

Even if she really didnt have a brain, she couldnt say it in front of her.

This was too disrespectful to her.

After all, they had a life-and-death relationship.

“What else is the matter”Yan Huan really didnt know where this woman, Zhu Meina, came from.

The entire sea city knew about such a huge flood.

Even Xun, who was so young, knew about it, he couldnt go out now because it was raining heavily outside.

If he went out, he would be washed away by the flood, and he wouldnt be able to see his mother anymore.

The television was broadcasting live every day.

He didnt even know how many times the air defense alarm had been pulled, and there were police lines everywhere.

Could it be that she really couldnt see, hear, or know

“Zhu Meina, the sea citys air defense has already begun, and it could be flooded at any time.

Can you grow a brain”

“You mean this”Zhu Meina didnt seem to mind.

It wasnt like she hadnt experienced it before.

Hai city was like this every year.

She only knew how to scare people.

Alright, I still have to go shopping.

As long as it cant flood me, its fine.

Of course, Zhu Meinas heart was really big.

Anyway, no matter how many things there were, it wouldnt affect her shopping.

She happily ran to the mall.

However, there were very few people in the mall.

Not to mention the few people who bought, even the ones who sold were few, the few shops that she frequented also closed their doors.

Even if she wanted to buy, there was no place to do so.

When she received Yan Huans call, she was still very unconcerned.

However, the more she walked, the more she thought about it, and the more she looked, the more shocked she became.

She finally knew how dangerous sea city was right now

After walking around the mall, she realized that she had come for nothing because there was nothing here that she could buy.

Even if she was not afraid of death, she did not care.

However, others were afraid of death, so she could only come empty-handed, then, she returned empty-handed.

On the way back.

There were pitifully few cars and even fewer people.

At this time, the road should have been the most congested.

However, it was better now.

There were only a few cars going back and forth, there were even fewer cars passing by.

The rain curtain in front moved left and right from time to time.

However, the rain that hit the cars always carried a terrifying force.

Just like that, the rain fell on her car.

She stopped her car.

When she turned around, she seemed to see a vast ocean from afar.

And this ocean.., it was as if it was pouncing on the entire sea city.

It was also like a monster that was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

In almost an instant.., it was enough to swallow the entire sea city, including people and things, whole.

Beauty Zhu couldnt help but feel a chill in her heart.

Her hand couldnt help but reach for her phone and call Yan Huan.

“Yan… Yan Huan, I can see the sea water.

Its so scary.

Its almost like its flowing backwards.

Do you think well Drown What if I dont know how to Swim”

“Even if you can swim, if you really come, you wont be able to escape.”

Yan Huan said faintly as she gripped her phone tightly.

When she lowered her head, she saw Xunxun standing in front of her.

She was curiously looking at her mother, then, she placed the doll in her arms in front of her mother.

Yan Huan took the doll and saw that the dolls skirt was dirty.

What was it that was smeared on the dolls skirt.

She squatted down and scratched her tender little face.

“Dont be afraid.

Mommy will wash it for you in a while.”

“Thank you, Mommy.”Xun Xun happily threw the doll to her mother and went to find her brothers to play with.

Meanwhile, Yan Huan hugged the doll and fell into a daze.

At any time

She took out her phone and took out 50 million yuan from her private account.

This was the most she could get.

Although she had quite a lot of money in her hands, it was all used for investment purposes, the money in the three childrens accounts could not be touched.

It was also a regular investment.

It could only be untied when they were 18 years old.

She took it out first, just in case she needed it.

The rain outside was still drizzling non-stop.

They all thought it would be smaller, even if it was just a little bit smaller.

However, the rain was falling, and it was not small at all, it had seriously affected the trip of the citizens of Hai City.

Yan Huan took Xunxuns doll to the laundry room and took off the clothes on the doll.

He washed them with his hands and hung them up.

The doll was still sitting there, dazed.

“So stupid.”Yan Huan reached out and patted the doll before walking out.

Outside, Ye Shuyun was hugging Xun Xun.

Xun Xun stretched out his little fist and rubbed his eyes from time to time.

He was about to sleep, while Xiao Qi and Xiao Qi had already fallen asleep.

Xiao Mei had also fallen asleep obediently, only Xun Xun did not know what had happened today.

He was not as obedient as before.

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