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Chapter 2001: Chapter 2116 safety ropes

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Of course, there was another one.

It was none other than Lu Qin.

Yes, it was that Scumbag Lu Qin.

Lu Qin was the second monster in Yan Huans heart.

It was a monster that she did not like, and it was also a monster that she detested.

Lu Yi took a small table and put it away.

Then, he took his notebook over and opened it again.

Very quickly, the image of the Sea River was already on it.

However, the place where the image passed was indeed a little messy, but it was still better than what they had imagined.

Lu Jin was right.

The Sea River did indeed have three lines of defense.

The first line had already been broken through, so the road along the river was already flooded.

However, the second line was still very stable.

Lu Yi pointed at the location on top.

“As long as its not here, nothing will happen.

With the current flood flow, the second line of defense should be able to be preserved at this speed.”

Right now, many people were like them, hiding in their homes.

They didnt know whether to sit, stand, walk, or not.

They could only place their hopes on this line of defense.

The first line was actually the most important, if this line of defense was really broken, then the amount of flood was already very terrifying.

It was also so large that it was uncontrollable.

When the third line arrived, some people might start to flood, this was especially so for those who lived on the lower floors


Although they wanted people to go up to the city safely, they were still worried.

After all, Hai City was the root of all of them.

The rain continued to fall outside.

This time, Lu Yi did not go out.

He would not let Yan Huan worry and be afraid again.

It was fine as long as it happened once.

It was not his problem in the first place.

He was the prosecutor, he was not a riot officer.

The last time, he only went over because he had heard some news about the flood from Yan Huan.

However, this time, even if he went over, he would not be able to solve those problems, he was only Lu Yi.

He was not a god.

His people did not have that much foresight.

The flood of the sea was not something that she could withstand with just one hand.

Whether they could escape this time would depend on the arrangement of the heavens.

After all, they had done all they could, and all they could prepare for was preparation.

However, this time, it was really fierce.

Compared to the last time, it was more serious, and of course, it was more terrifying.

The water level seemed to be rising because the rain in the sea city hadnt stopped.

There was indeed nothing happening in the sea city, but needless to say, the farmland upstream was probably submerged, this seasons crops had also been planted for nothing.

And although they were still relatively relaxed, they could not just stand by and watch such a disaster happen to them.

Although nothing happened to them, it was as if something.., just like that, it gently strangled their necks.

It was so tight that they could not breathe.

Lu Yi took out his phone and called Lei Qingyi.

Lei Qingyi hadnt been doing well recently.

After all, as the head of the security department, he had to take care of the security of Hai City, and he also had to take care of the security of Hai City

“Be careful and dont do anything rash.

Think about your wife and children,”he urged Lei Qingyi.

“Dont worry, I know,”Lei Qingyi naturally knew what to do, “I dont want to risk my life.

We are all outside the safety line.

I dont want my wife to be a widow and my good-for-nothing son to grow crooked.

They are still young and healthy.

Thats because of my fist.”

Lei Qingyi wiped his face.

The wind that was accompanied by the rain suddenly hit his body, making him shiver.

He hung up the phone.

At this moment, he looked at the vast ocean in front of him.

Even though he was so brave, he could not help but take a deep breath.

Yes, he would love his life well.

He would not let his life be lost here.

When he recalled how Lu Yi was no longer around, his entire body trembled.

He could not believe it.

On that day, his name, Lei Qingyi.., appeared on the Tombstone, crying half to death, becoming his parents, his spirit, and his little thunder.

His whole body was shivering, and he could not help but take a step back.

So now, he gave everyone life jackets around their waists and tied a safety cord around their bodies, he did not know that his sudden idea this time had saved many people.

“Mayor, tie it on.”The Secretary had already tied a safety rope around his waist.

This was director Leis request, and they all had to do it.

“I dont need it.”Gao Yuling shook his head.

“Dont worry, itll be fine.”

“Better tie it on.”The secretarys hand holding the safety rope was sore, “Director Lei has clearly instructed that he will listen to the mayor on other matters.

However, he is the director of the Safety Department regarding safety.

Therefore, regarding the safety rope, we have to listen to director lei.”

“This kid!”Gao Yuling was really helpless about this.

In the past, when he saw him, it was like a mouse seeing a cat.

He couldnt even speak.

Now, he was bold enough to dare to order him.

When he saw the safety rope in the secretarys hand, he could only open his hand, he had his secretary tie the safety rope around his waist.

Why was this feeling not called a safety rope but a dog leash.

At this time, Gao Yuling had actually not slept for two days and two nights.

The other end of the safety rope was tied to a large truck.

Wherever a person went, the truck would go, at the very least, if there was really a flood, the truck would run much faster than a persons feet.

The road that the truck drove was also an escape route

Gao Yuling raised his head to look at the sky.

At this moment, it was still a torrential downpour.

The impact on his face was almost painful and uncomfortable.

He didnt know how much he would lose.

He sighed.

As for the losses from the flood, he would forget about it for now.

At the very least, there were no casualties so far.

This was his greatest consolation.

He could buy more things if they were gone, and earn more money if they were gone, if he lost his life, no matter how much money he spent, he would not be able to buy his life back.

Moreover, everyone had their families with them now.

If he died, he could forget about it, but he would also lose his family.

The wind in the Haijiang River was very strong.

The safety ropes around their waists also brought them some mental safety.

Otherwise, under such a heavy storm, those who were light-weight might be blown away by the wind.

If that was really the case.., they did not know where they would be blown to in the Haijiang River.

However, in just a glance, they had already disappeared without a trace.

It was impossible for them to survive.

The strong wind was still blowing, and the heavy rain was still falling.

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