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Mo Chu tilted her head and looked at the woman with a calm gaze.

However, the car window behind her suddenly rolled down and a teasing male voice sounded, “Big Sister, with your flirtatious tone, will she trust you”

As he spoke, he turned his head to look at Mo Chu, revealing a sunny and delicate appearance.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, revealing two shallow dimples.

His tone was sincere as he said, “Little Sister, dont worry.

Im a good person.

I definitely wont harm you.”

“Scram!” Without waiting for Mo Chu to speak, the woman sitting in the drivers seat turned around and glared at him.

Her tone was filled with disdain as she said, “You Brat, if you dont speak, no one will complain!”

“Sister!” Upon hearing this, the boy sitting in the backseat could not help but frown.

He put on a sorrowful look as if he was holding his heart.

“How can you speak like that Im your biological younger brother!”

Seeing the two of them chiming in, Mo Chu could not help but smile, “Where are you guys going”

The world was difficult.

The actions of the two women had taught Mo Chu a profound lesson.

Now, she naturally would not casually tell them her destination.

Instead, she asked about their situation first.

The woman in the drivers seat naturally noticed the faint wariness in Mo Chus words.

Not only was she not angry, but her eyes lit up as she said straightforwardly, “Were a team from Alberto City Base.

Were preparing to go back now.

How about it Do you want to go Ttogether”

Glancing at her, the corners of Mo Chus mouth curled up.


However, not everyone was so welcoming of Mo Chus joining.

As soon as she got into the car, a woman behind her glared at her with disdain.

What could she do with such a delicate and weak appearance Her tone sounded unpleasant, “Sister Song, why are we bringing her along Shes a complete burden!”

“Alright, theres no room for you to oppose Sisters orders!” The handsome boy from before glared at her with a slightly cold expression.

However, when he turned around to look at Mo Chu, he returned to his previous obedient appearance.

“We are thehunting team in the base.

My sister, Lan Wei, is the team leader and the rest are members of the team.

By the way, my name is Lan Lin.”

“Im Mo Chu,” she nodded slightly.

Mo Chus clear eyes seemed to be able to reflect her face, which surprised Lan Lin.

“Here, wipe it off.” Lan Wei handed a towel to her, “Look at your dirty face!”

When she was fighting zombies, Mo Chu was holding a machete and engaging in close-range combat.

His body and face were inevitably stained with blood, so she did not mind.

Now, she took the towel and felt the soft touch in her hand, the smile on her face became more sincere as she said softly, “Thank you.”

After she wiped her face clean, her delicate and flawless face was completely exposed.

It was as white as jade, tender, and red.

What was rare was Mo Chus elegant and quiet temperament.

Just being by her side, he felt nice…

However, this was not what they were more concerned about.

Their team was considered to be doing quite well in the base, but compared to Mo Chus condition, there was still quite a big gap.

And to be able to cause such a situation, there were only two possibilities: First, Mo Chu had a powerful ability to protect himself; Second, there was an extremely powerful protector behind her…

After carefully looking at the little girls slender arms and legs, everyone still felt that the second option was more likely.

Of course, they did not ask anyone about the specific situation.

After all, in this day and age, who would not have secrets

After driving for more than half a day, the car came to a steady stop.

“Alright, lets rest for a while.” Lan Wei turned around and said, “Oh right, Old Chen, youll be driving later.”

“Ah, I know.” A strong man first nodded, then turned around and went down from behind with a bulging backpack.

He handed the food to everyone one by one.

When he handed it to Mo Chu, the woman who had previously disliked Mo Chu could not help but pucker her lips and cast a disdainful glance at her.

“Tsk! Another freeloader…”

“No need, I have it.” Two voices sounded at the same time.

Mo Chu was very tactful.

She took a box of instant noodles, a bag of biscuits, and mineral water from the food she carried.

She handed the rest to them.

Her tone was clear and shallow.

“This is my fare.”

Hearing this, everyone could not help but be stunned.

Usually, when they were out on a mission, they would occasionally bring a few people along with them.

However, it was the first time they had met someone like Mo Chu who took the initiative to thank them with food.

After all, in this day and age, who did not value resources more than their lives On the other hand, this little girl… When she met Mo Chus jet-black and pure eyes, she could not help but feel her heart tremble!

It was Lan Wei who reacted the fastest.

She smiled as she picked out a few items from the food that Mo Chu had given her and returned the rest to her, “As for the bus fare, these are enough.

As for the rest, you can keep it.

When we reach the base, there will be many things to do!”

Upon seeing this, Mo Chu did not say anything else.

She kept the rest of the food, took out a bag of biscuits from within, tore it open, and ate it silently.

It was also because of this matter that everyone started to view her in a different light.

In addition, this little girl looked calm and well-behaved.

Along the way, she did not even say a word.

Everyone felt that Mo Chu was quite tactful, their impression of her also became better and better.

They had only eaten for a few minutes, and before they could swallow the food in their mouths, Mo Chu suddenly frowned.

Her hand movements paused, and she said in a deep voice, “Hurry up and leave!”

“What” Hearing this, everyone could not help but be stunned.

“Hurry up and leave.”Mo Chu turned her head to look at Lan Wei.

There was a hint of anxiety in jer tone.

“Now, leave immediately!”

“Are you done yet” The woman who had been picking on Mo Chu previously could not help but raise her eyebrows.

“Everyone has been tired all day.

Its not easy for us to rest for a while, but just a word from you…”

Mo Chu did not say much and only stared at Lan Wei with a heavy gaze.

“Lets go!” Putting the food in her hand aside, Lan Wei narrowed her eyes.

After saying this, she immediately turned around and started the car.

“Sister Song, do you really believe this little girl” The woman was still unwilling to give up.

“I dont know where she came from…”

“Speed up!” Mo Chu stood up and abruptly interrupted the womans words.

Lan Wei was stunned for a second.

She stepped on the accelerator with all her might and the car sped up rapidly.

They felt a little light-headed as they sat in the car.

Finally, after a long while, Mo Chu heaved a sigh of relief and said softly, “Its done.”

Only then did Lan Wei reduce the speed of the car.

The car swayed as it sped along the road.

Everyones faces were a little pale.

After they had calmed down a little, the woman swallowed the acid in her stomach and glared fiercely at Mo Chu, “Sister Song, just listen to this girls nonsense! What can happen here We have so many people here!”

Tell me, they had sat in the car for an entire day and their bodies were stiff.

It was not easy for them to take a short break, but this girl had messed it up.

How could she not be angry

The others did not speak, but the gaze they looked at Mo Chu with was not as kind as before.

Mo Chu remained silent.

After a long while, she raised her head to meet the others eyes and said blandly, “They… are at the back.”

“Eh What”

“What Are you going to put on an act again I want to see…” The rest of the womans words were stuck in her throat.

The others could not help but gasp when they turned to look!

At the end of their line of sight, a large group of densely packed zombies was rushing toward them.

Dust was flying all over the ground.

No matter how experienced they were, they could not help but feel their hearts tremble!

Without a doubt, if Mo Chu had not warned them, they might have already engaged in a head-on confrontation with them.

Although they were not weak, thousands of ants could still bite a tiger to death.

Moreover, there were thousands of zombies!

Even if they were blocked, they would still be trapped inside!

Thinking of this, the crowd could not help but swallow hard.

Fear flashed across their eyes, and their eyes that were staring at Mo Chu were no longer filled with doubt.

Instead, they were filled with gratitude and shock.

“You… you guessed that this would happen a long time ago.

is that why you told us to leave as soon as possible”

“No.” Mo Chu shook jer head slightly.

“… I heard it.”

Upon hearing those words, the eyes of a few of the team members lit up.

Like a thousand-degree light bulb, their eyes sparkled as they asked, “So… you have an auditory attribute special ability”

Mo Chu was slightly taken aback.

Her mouth opened and closed a few times, but before she could say anything, the others had already taken it as a tacit agreement.

Their attitude towards her had also become increasingly fervent, “Damn! Thats awesome! You can hear me from such a long distance.

You must be at least at tier 4, right”

With the large-scale outbreak of zombies, many special ability users had emerged.

Some of them had enhanced speed and strength, while others had elemental superpowers such as water, fire, wind, and thunder.

Mo Chu, on the other hand, had enhanced sensory and facial features, which was a rare resource.

After all, with these types of ability users, they would be able to detect danger in time and make appropriate preparations and reactions to reduce the number of casualties.

Some of the higher-leveled ones could even bring their people to avoid most of the disasters, and their value-for-money ratio would definitely be top-notch!

Therefore, the gazes that they were looking at Mo Chu with were filled with scorching heat!

“Sis, your luck is really off the charts!” Lan Lin patted her seat, her eyes filled with admiration.

Look, she had picked up an auditory ability user with just one move.

If this was in the past, she would have bought a lottery ticket, it would definitely be like winning the lottery!

“Umm… Little Sister, do you want to join our team” A man with a full beard squeezed over.

He was obviously a tough and crude man, but he forced a kind look on his face, he stared at Mo Chu with a coaxing tone.

“OurHunters team is quite famous in the base.

The benefits are top-notch.

Join us.

Trust me, you will not be disappointed!”

Mo Chu watched this man as he talked.

She thought to herself that if this uncle was in sales, he would definitely be an expert! However, she was currently in a hurry to find clues about the spatial rift and would not consider joining such a squad for the time being.

Thus, in the face of the bearded uncles warm persuasion, Mo Chu could only shake her head apologetically.

“Im sorry, I dont have such thoughts for the time being…”

Hearing this, the uncle who was still rambling on could not help but pause for a moment.

His eyes were clearly filled with disappointment.

In the end, he did not forget to mediate the situation and waved his hand at Mo Chu, “Its alright, Im just saying.

If you want to join the group one day, dont forget to look for us.

Our Hunters team.

Our arms are always open for you!”

“Mm.” Hearing this, Mo Chu could not help but smile and nod.

Although she rejected them politely, the atmosphere in the car gradually became lively.

“Oh right, how far can you auditory superpowered people usually hear” It was not easy for them to meet a special ability user with enhanced facial features.

Lan Lin showed a strong curiosity and pestered Mo Chu to continue talking.

“Also, are you guys unable to sleep at night because of the constant noise in your ears”

“Its alright.” Mo Chu smiled.

“I cant hear it when I close my eyes and sleep at night.”

“Oh, I see.” Lan Lin nodded.

“Oh right, Im a fire-attribute special ability user.


As she said that, his fingertips flashed and a ball of scorching flames emerged from his hand, he even kept blinking at Mo Chu.

His intention of showing off was very obvious.

“Thats enough!” Lan Wei, who was in front, naturally saw her silly brother showing off.

She could not help but shake her head and changed the topic.

“I heard that when we just left the base, there was an expert”

“Thats right!” Hearing that, Lan Lins attention was immediately diverted and she could not help but sigh, “I heard that this is a wind-attribute special ability expert.

Even the head of our base treated him with courtesy.

Look at this treatment, I wonder how powerful this guy is”

“Wont we find out when we go back and take a look” The other man chimed in, his eyes shining brightly.

Clearly, he was extremely interested in this expert who had suddenly appeared.

“Thats right.

Im also a wind attribute special ability user.

Who knows, I might even be able to learn a thing or two from him!”

Everyone was in high spirits.

On the contrary, Mo Chu was quietly sitting in a corner, watching the scenery in front of her as they swiftly drove away.

Her eyes were calm…


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