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After Wu Ju left, Huang Jinzhis life did not change.

She still worked without any complaint like a servant for her parents.

When Wu Ju found Huang Daniu, Huang Daniu had already become retarded.

His intelligence remained the same as before the fire.

When he saw Wu Ju, the latter also recognized him.

He searched for the candy in his pocket anxiously, but could not find it.

In the end, Wu Ju visited a grave.

Out of the five of them, only Huang Mings son, Huang Shu, died of illness after the fire.

Relying on the gold they stole, the five families lived a comfortable life and were praised for being generous and kind-hearted.

The hatred inside Wu Ju grew crazily.

No one in Huanghu Village was kind-hearted.

If there was even one kind-hearted person back then, his mother and father wouldnt die.

The evil seed Wu Ju planted in their bodies was germinating crazily.

When the seed grew into a huge tree, it would be the time to end the evil.

That was how the five murder cases started.

Evil thoughts could devour everything.

Therefore, after the murder was commited, everything related to evil was wiped out.

The deceased did not have any memories of being killed, nor did the murderer.

However, when they were committing the murder, everyone had different feelings.

Other than not remembering anything, Huang Yusheng was normal.

Huang Jinzhi was no longer capable of living like a normal human.

Huang Shantian, Huang Daniu, and Huang Niuniu had lost their souls.

The source of those evil seeds was the death of tens of thousands of living beings who perished in that fire.

They were venting the hatred in their hearts.

Liu Sanniang felt that the mental defense that was open to her had gradually started to drive her spiritual sense away.

She knew that Wu Ju did not want her to continue knowing about him.

Wu Ju said, “Miss Liu, to you, what is karma”

Liu Sanniang retracted her hand and replied.

“Everything in the world is karma.”

Wu Ju put his palms together and said softly, “Amitabha.”

Liu Sanniang retracted her hand and stood up, preparing to leave.

Wu Ju looked at Liu Sanniangs back and said calmly, “Miss Liu, goodbye.”

Liu Sanniang stopped in her tracks for a moment before continuing to walk out without saying anything.

As soon as Liu Sanniang came out, Wei Shilai came forward.

Liu Sanniang said, “Sir, lets talk as we walk.”

She told Wei Shilai what she had sensed and also how Wu Ju planted evil thoughts in the five murderers.

The evil thought was like a seed.

Once it was planted, it would sprout and grow into a huge tree before being destroyed.

Wei Shilai sighed.

“I really hope he stops here.”

Otherwise, with his terrifying power, who knew what would happen

Liu Sanniang did not speak.

She felt that he would not stop here.

She returned home from the government office.

Two days later, someone from the government office came to tell her that Wu Ju had been taken to the capital by the Third Princes men.

When he left, in order to prevent what happened to Jiang Bing last time, someone was sent over to test Wu Ju.

On the night Wu Ju left, Huang Yusheng, Huang Jinzhi, and the others died in the cell.

Apparently, they passed away peacefully.

When Liu Sanniang went to the government office, she touched the hands of Huang Jinzhi and the others.

What she sensed was the Huang Jinzhi of her childhood.

They were playing together and were very happy.

Wei Shilai closed the case with resignation.

This case taught him how there were many things in the world that were still unknown.

At the same time, he was worried about his upcoming appointment.

However, life went on as usual.

After the case was over, Liu Sanniang stayed at home throughout October.

For some reason, there were a lot of people at home these two days.

They looked at Liu Sanniang and praised Madam Wei.

Then, they said that they were worried and wanted Liu Sanniang to help them clear their doubts.

In the end, all they wanted to ask was how to become rich…

They said that as long as Liu Sanniang could bless them with fortune, they could give as much money as she asked.

Madam Wei was so angry that she grabbed a broom and chased them out.

There were also people who asked how to raise their children in a way that they could grow up and become scholars.

Madam Wei threw them out as well.

However, it also made Liu Sanniang realize something, which was to cultivate talents.

Liu Sanniang thought for many days.

At the beginning of November, she decided to ask her family for their opinion.

On that day, they were eating hot pot.

Liu Sanniang cut the fish into thin slices and placed them on a plate.

Liu Erlang was already sitting on the table.

“Hurry up, I can eat ten catties alone.

Im starving.”

The fish was a mullet.

It was boneless and very delicious.

The three men of the Liu family each had a glass filled with wine.

Madam Wei went to get some fruit wine and poured it for Liu Sanniang.

“They drink theirs, and so do we.”

Liu Sanniang nodded.

Fruit wine was very delicious.

As they ate, Liu Sanniang asked her.

“Mother, among the younger generation of the Liu clan, is there anyone who can read”

Madam Wei picked up a piece of fish for Liu Sanniang and said, “Yes, there are a few children in the clan who can read.”

After answering, Madam Wei asked her in return.

“Why do you suddenly want to know that”

Madam Wei was worried.

Did something happen

Liu Sanniang quickly said, “I want to build a school for the kids in the Liu clan to learn.

Even if they dont want to be a scholar in the future, at least they wont be illiterate.”

No matter the trade they picked after growing up, knowing how to read could always help.


Liu looked serious.

“Sanniang, have you thought it through”

Usually, only men who made a fortune and carved out a name for themselves would do such a thing to benefit the whole clan.

Opening a school required a lot of money.

Liu Sanniang nodded.

“Ive thought about it.

Ill use the money which I earned over the last few months to build the school.

When the school opens, we can also take in kids from other clans.”


Liu took a sip of wine.

“Alright, I support you.”

Liu Erlang also said, “I support you too.

Although Eldest Brother and I are not good at studying, we all know that studying is a good thing.”

Only by being capable could one protect others.

Who didnt want to be an official


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