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Bai Di won Huanhuan.

That night, she slept with him.

Due to the fact that Huanhuan was still carrying babies in her stomach, the two of them could only sleep under the blanket and chat.

Other than that, they could not do anything else.

Even so, Bai Di felt content.

The next morning, Xue Hui came to visit Huanhuan.

She saw Huanhuans rosy complexion and smiled.

“Youre in good spirits.

It seems that your mates have been taking good care of you.”

Huanhuan smiled generously.

“Theyre indeed good to me.”

Shuang Yun and Bai Di had gone down the mountain to work today, while Sang Ye and Xue Ling stayed at home.

The children had run out early to play and wouldnt be back until lunchtime.

Xue Hui sat down by the bed.

She glanced at Xue Ling and Sang Ye beside her and smiled.

“Can I talk to Huanhuan alone”

Before Sang Ye could speak, Xue Ling refused.


Xue Mei raised her eyebrows.


Xue Ling said frankly, “I dont trust you.”

“Are you worried that Ill hurt Huanhuan This is your territory.

I wont let myself die like this.”

Xue Ling still refused to change his mind.

“No matter what you say, I wont let you be alone with Huanhuan.

You can say what you have to say now.

Huanhuan still has to rest later.

She cant waste too much time on you.”

Xue Hui laughed in anger.

“We females have to talk privately.

Youre a mal beast, why are you standing here”

“You can pretend Im invisible.”

“Id rather you go out immediately.”

Xue Ling leaned against the wall and smiled lazily.

“This is my house.

Youre the one who should go out.”

Xue Huis eyes were filled with undisguised disdain.

“Ive never seen a male beast as rude to a female as you are.

No wonder youre single until now.

You deserve it!”

She held Huanhuans hand and sighed.

“It must be hard for you to tolerate his temper.

If it were me, I would have beaten him up.”

Huanhuan thought for a moment.

“Actually, I want to beat him up sometimes.

Unfortunately, I cant beat him.”

Xue Ling smiled.

“If you want to hit me, just say it.

I promise Ill stand still and let you hit me.

I wont fight back.”

Huanhuan shook her head.

“Forget it.”

Xue Hui said, “Why You have to beat him up mercilessly when its necessary.

Otherwise, hell become more and more arrogant.

Sooner or later, hell bully you!”

Huanhuan hesitated.

“But with his personality, the more I beat him up, the more excited hell be, right”

Xue Lings eyes lit up.

“Huanhuan knows me best!”

Xue Hui: “…”

She was speechless.

Although Xue Ling always said sharp words to Xue Hui, Huanhuan could sense that the two of them were very good friends.

She asked Sang Ye to wash some sweet fruits and bring them over.

Huanhuan said slowly, “We dont have anything good in our house.

We only have these fruits that we planted.

I hope you dont mind.”

Most beasts did not know how to be polite.

Xue Hui casually grabbed a sweet fruit and nodded as she ate.

“Its very sweet and delicious!”

Huanhuan smiled.

“Eat more if you like.”

Xue Hui ate five sweet fruits in one go before stopping.

She said, “Ive heard that the ones planted in the rock mountain are especially delicious.

I didnt believe it at first, but now that Ive tried them myself, theyre really delicious.”

“When you leave later, Ill send you some more sweet fruits.”

Xue Mei sighed.

“I really hope your fruits and vegetables can be sold in Divine Wood City too.”

Huanhuan asked, “I heard that the beasts in Divine Wood City like to eat vegetables.

Is that true”

“Thats right.

Most of the beasts living in Divine Wood City are herbivores.

Some of them are omnivores.

Compared to meat, we prefer to eat fruits and vegetables.

The fruits and vegetables you plant here are of good quality.

If you sell them to Divine Wood City, many beasts will definitely fight to buy them.”

Huanhuans mind raced.

The Divine Wood City was a big market.

If she could open up a sales channel, she would definitely be able to earn a lot of crystals in the future.

Xue Hui could tell that she was tempted.

She smiled and said, “If you trust me, I can help you contact the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerces branch manager in Divine Wood City.

With them in charge of transporting the goods, your vegetables and fruits can be sent to Divine Wood City.”

Huanhuans eyes lit up.

“Really Thank you so much!”

“Youre my kind.

You should help each other.”

Huanhuan was stunned and looked puzzled.

“Im your kind”

Xue Meis smile became gentler.

“Thats right.

You and I are descendants of the Divine Wood clan.

Of course, were from the same race.”

Huanhuan did not understand when she had become a descendant of the Divine Wood clan.

She was about to explain that she was not a member of the Divine Wood clan when she heard Xue Ling cough lightly.

He said, “Huanhuan hasnt admitted her identity yet.

Dont rashly acknowledge her.”

Xue Hui glanced at him and said angrily, “She has the aura of the Divine Wood.

She must be a descendant of our Divine Wood clan.

Whether she admits it or not, its the truth.”

Huanhuan wanted to say that she had misunderstood, but she noticed Xue Lings gaze and guessed that he probably didnt want her to tell the truth.

Hence, she had no choice but to shut up and let the misunderstanding continue.

Xue Ran held Huanhuans hand, and her gaze was very kind.

“The number of our race is decreasing.

Its a pleasant surprise to find you here.

When you return to the Divine Wood City with me, the elders of the tribe will definitely be happy to see you.”

Huanhuan quickly said, “Im pregnant now.

I cant go to Divine Wood City with you.”

Hearing this, Xue Hui couldnt help but be disappointed.

“Thats right.

Youre not suitable to travel far now.

You cant come with me to the Divine Wood City to meet the other tribesmen.”

Xue Ling said coldly, “Even if Huanhuan gives birth, you cant just take her away.”

Xue Hui said righteously, “Shes a descendant of the Divine Wood clan.

She should follow me to Divine Wood City.

If you cant bear to part with her, you can live in Divine Wood City with her.”

Xue Ling had no intention of explaining too much to her and only replied with a sentence.


Ill be wherever Huanhuan is.”

Xue Hui began to describe the various advantages of Divine Wood City to Huanhuan.

She also talked about how friendly and enthusiastic the people of the Divine Wood clan were.

In any case, she did her best to persuade her to settle down in Divine Wood City.

Huanhuan was indeed planning to go to Divine Wood City.

She still had a mission there.

But not now.

More importantly, she never intended to settle in Divine Wood City.

She couldnt say these thoughts out loud, though.

She maintained a sweet smile.

“I understand what youre saying.

Ill think about it.”


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