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Chapter 2003: Chapter 2118-danger without danger

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Yan Huan finally heaved a sigh of relief.

It was good that he was fine.

If something really happened to Gao Yuling, with Mei Rus current body, she definitely wouldnt be able to withstand it.

What would Xiaomei do in the future

She would become an orphan without parents and no one would love her anymore.

The wordorphanhad to pierce through Yan Huans heart.

Yan Huan was an orphan herself.

If she hadnt met Lu Yi later, she would still be unloved and unloved.

“Dont be afraid, its fine,”Lu Yi comforted Yan Huan, “Even if the third line of defense is broken through, were still fine.

Were at the highest point in the entire sea city.

The flood wont reach here.”

However, even though he said so, it had to be said that his current thoughts might not be able to relax anything


The computer was still boiling with the sea water.

It was as if it had grown fangs and opened its bloody mouth wide, as if it wanted to swallow the entire sea city.

The alarm had already been raised.

Many families in the sea city district had already taken their belongings and ran to higher places.

Those with families were fleeing for their lives.

By the next day, the flood of Hai River had already passed the third line of defense.

It had also flooded into the lower areas of Hai City.

Many familieshouses had been flooded, however, there was no one in these familieshomes.

Everyone had retreated to the stadium of Hai City.

Thousands of people were here.

No one knew what was happening outside, they didnt even know how much water had risen in the river.

They were just hiding, hiding, and hiding.

Below Hai city was a lot of flooded farmland and houses.

Although the drainage had increased, it couldnt keep up with the speed of the rainstorm.

The water level continued to move up, it also moved up to the hearts of many people.

The entire hai city was like a vast ocean.

In an instant, it was truly submerged.

In the entire Liuyuan Garden, perhaps only the four children did not know what had happened.

They continued to play with their toys, ate their fill, and slept.

As long as they fell asleep.., they would sleep without a care in the world.

Only when the adults saw these innocent children could they feel some comfort in their hearts.

Old Master Lu looked at his little granddaughter every day.

He was afraid that Xun Xun would run to the surface and be washed away by the water.

Therefore, he carefully watched his little granddaughter every day and locked the door from the inside, he also had a few nannies keep an eye on the children.

The water level in hai city continued to rise.

It was like the knife on everyones head.

It was moving down bit by bit.

If there were a little more, people would die here.

Just as everyone was feeling nervous and difficult, the rain gradually began to subside.

Although it was still a violent storm, it was clearly much slower than before.

It was unknown whether it was because they were not downstream and the flood resistance was effective, or because the rain had lessened, the water level began to fall bit by bit.

After the third layer retreated, it fell to the second layer, by the time they reached the second layer, it was already considered safe.

The weather forecast said that the heavy rain this time had gradually begun to weaken.

It could stop within a few days.

This meant that.., the rainy season in Hai City had also come to an end.

That meant that they were fine.

The rain was getting smaller and smaller.

In the end, it became drizzle.

Everyone began to move back to their homes one after another.

In fact, according to the internal estimates, there were not many losses in the downtown area of Hai City.

There were no casualties or missing people.

However, the number of fields that had been washed away downstream was also uncountable.

As for the houses of the residents in the downtown area of Hai City, they werent destroyed much.

Most of them were low-rise residents.

Their houses were flooded by water, but they were still very big.

It wasnt too serious, so they could still live after some cleaning up, the most serious damage was the damage to the furniture and appliances, but that was all.

Ye Shuyun and Lu Jin also took some time to return to the Lu family.

They hadnt been back for a long time.

They didnt know what was going on in the house, and whether it had been flooded.

When they opened the door.., only then did they heave a sigh of relief.

Everything in the house was normal.

The water did not reach this place.

It was the same place as before.

There was no difference, not even much dust.

When night fell, they also moved over.

Old Master Lu naturally followed them back.

People were really strange.

Old Master Lu was originally unwilling to leave his residence garden no matter what.

However, he actually did not want to stay in the residence garden for a day.

He left the residence garden to Yan Huan and Lu Yi.

Of course, he wasnt stupid.

The children had to go to school in the end.

It wasnt like he didnt know if they spent more time in the Lu family or stayed in the residence garden, of course, he had to see his grandsons granddaughter every day.

The children were still young, and it depended on who he saw more.

if he dared to not see his great-granddaughter for a month.., his granddaughter would probably forget about him, so how could he do that.

Therefore, without saying a word, he brought the guards back.

Of course, including Xiaomei, there were four children.

They were also brought back, so it was normal for the children to go back.

The Sky had just cleared up, it was also a clear sky with no clouds.

Compared to the gray weather not long ago, this weather seemed to have a glimmer of hope.

It had gradually calmed everyones hearts and calmed them down.

Furthermore, this time, there was really no danger.

The water level had also receded.

Of course, the damage caused by the flood was still very heavy, especially in the downstream areas, which relied on land to survive, after the flood, there was nothing left.

There was no farmland, no village, and even no house.

Yan Huan called Yi Ling and asked her to help her donate the 50 million yuan.

All of Linlangs artists and Linlang had also donated together with Yan Huan.

In total, it was around 100 million yuan, they were all donated to people downstream, so that they could tide over the difficulties and start a new life.

In the television interview, Yan Huan became famous once again.

She had always done her best and was very generous in the face of natural disasters.

Every time, she would think of ways to help, if she could give more, she would give more.

If she could help more, she would help more.

Otherwise, it was impossible for her to always be ranked first on the national charity rankings.

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